Sven Bischoff

Full-Stack Developer from Leipzig

Photo of Sven Bischoff

Currently I'm working as Team Lead IT Development at Invia Travel Germany GmbH on the e-commerce travel platform and several more.

My fascination for the web and its underlying technology started more than ten years ago and hasn't left me since. I really enjoy the design and creation process of web applications and their contents. This doesn't end by just deploying them. A web application is more than it's code, it's a webserver, an operating system, a hardware stack and also includes automation, backups, virtualization and containers. Every part of that is interesting and amazing on its own and all are working together for a great experience.

Apart from that I'm quite interested in photography, music, science and DIY. I also like to research topics I'm interested in and am a B.Sc. Medieninformatik.

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